An Interview with Andre Belanger

We’re very honored to be hosting an interview with real – life lawyer and author Andre Belanger.

Thanks Andre for letting us into your author world!


Andre Belanger

What first motivated you to write?

People kept asking me the same things and, during the course of my consultations, I realized some attorneys were making promises to people they should not make.

What is your latest book about?

It is primarily about the seriousness of a drunk driving arrest and the myth that people have thinking if they “didn’t blow” they can not be convicted. I also devote some time to advising people how to hire an attorney.

What technology helps you to write?

Dragon dictation. I am a creative type and thrive on “flow of consciousness” so, sometimes its hard to write as fast as I think. Always easier to edit and refine afterwards.

Describe your writing schedule?

I don’t have one. Kids in bed is a must!

When did you realise that readers were taking you seriously?

I haven’t yet. Although my free promo brought my book to #2 on legal services for kindle. That was awesome. I am waiting for clients to read the book and give me their input.

What do you enjoy most about being a writer?

I feel that a book is a part of my that can last beyond my time on earth. And, that is something wonderful.

What do you do to publicise your books?

Be nice to folks like you who provide me an outlet to meet other readers who could find my information useful.

Do you write first and edit later, or do you perfect your writing as you go along?

I spoke first and edited later. But, when I do type, I edit as I go.  That said, I type extremely slow.

Do you outsource your formatting or do you do it yourself?

Yes. My cover and formatting were outsourced. This book was written a long time ago. I couldn’t get around to figuring out the technology part so I finally decided to outsource it.

What has been the best achievement in your writing career?

My best accomplishments have been off Amazon and in the courtroom. The winning brief will always trump the best selling book. My job puts the lives, liberty and hopes of people and their families into my hands.

What advice would you give to authors who are struggling to find enough time to write?

Start. Then, finish.

What are your writing goals?

Provide more quality advice on my criminal defense practice areas. Maybe, one day, I’ll team up with a fiction writer for some courtroom based stories.

Have you ever thought of writing fiction?

Yes. I’ve handled 200 trials and thousands of cases. I have many of ideas for stories.

What do want people to learn from reading your work?

How to hire a lawyer.

What’s next for Andre Belanger?

Explaining the federal sentencing guidelines.

The Anatomy of a DWI arrest can be purchased from Amazon


Andre Belanger’s website

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