An Interview with Apollo Butler, author of The Blood of the Lordsman

We recently had the opportunity to interview Apollo Butler, author of “The Blood of the Lordsman”

Readers and writers alike will find this interview of great interest – we know we did!

Thanks so much Apollo for taking time from your busy schedule to speak to us.

Apollo Butler

What is your latest book about?

The Blood of The Lordsman is really about just introducing Kannon to the world and showing how desperate his evil big brother, Vesa, has become over the last few decades. In this volume Vesa tests a new “weapon” that he hopes will finally remove Kannon from the picture entirely.

Describe your writing schedule.

Well, my schedule is really 24/7 but if I was to put some “structure” to it. I would say Monday to Friday I start writing at 5pm to about 9 pm. Saturday and Sunday I go into double time starting at 4am to 8pm.

When did you realise that readers were taking you seriously?

When they started leaving reviews about my books 🙂

What do you enjoy most about being a writer?

I get the ability to play God on a piece of paper 🙂

What do you do to publicise your books?

All of my work is sold exclusively from my website as a direct download. This process is done via PayPal and I have to do it this way for a number of reasons.
The first reason is because I am a Bahamian and I live in the Bahamas. (Sadly) The second reason is because, under Bahamian law, I am not allowed to have a U.S. bank account, and therefore I cannot take advantage of the direct deposit feature offered by Amazon. So to legally work around this I only sell my novels/comics as an electronic and audio download.
So considering the business model that I am forced to use, Facebook ads have been the main platform that has given me the most return for my books. With Facebook ads I am able to place my products directly in my customers face, 24/7, and give my products the best possible chance to turn a sale.

Do you write first and edit later, or do you perfect your writing as you go along?

I write first and edit later. I find this tactic to be more helpful because when I come back to a chapter a day or two later with a fresh pair of eyes, I often see a better way to structure some paragraphs, or just a shorter way to get the point across or even a better ending for the chapter.

Do you outsource your formatting or do you do it yourself?

I format everything myself. Even though I’m self-published, it’s still a business! And when your money is limited you have to prioritize. Which means you just won’t have money to do some things….

What has been the best achievement in your writing career?

I wouldn’t say I have one achievement but I would say I have multiple achievements; meaning that, for every idea that I have for a novel, just bringing that idea into a physical book, is the greatest achievement I personally think any writer can have.

What advice would you give to authors who are struggling to find enough time to write?

The only way you can find time to write is when you decide to make your career a priority.

Kannon Blood of the Lordsman
Apollo Butler’s Facebook Page

Purchase Kannon Blood of the Lordsman on Apollo’s website 


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